Birth is a beautiful and empowering blur that passes by so quickly. You often don't get to focus on what's going on around you and these memories can fade away so quickly.

I'll be there to document your birth story- from beginning to end. I'll be there to capture all the raw, real moments without you even noticing that I'm there. I'll be there to document all the tiny details- like the oil that's diffusing or the snacks hanging out at your bedside. 

My goal is to provide you with a gallery that will transport you back to those moments for you to cherish for life. 

Be present in the moment with your partner and let me take care of documenting your birth story as it unravels. 

your birth story is important to me, too.

all the little details


"These [images] are phenomenal. Money well spent!"

- grant

"I'm SO happy with [the images] and glad we did them. I barely remember you being there, in the sense that you were totally respectful of our space but still able to get so many amazing photos."


"Documenting our story was originally your drive but I came to see you as a great friend and team member in one of the most intimate and important times of my life. We overshot your longest birth by sooooo many hours but you never gave in or got grumpy or stood back. You were there, sleeves rolled back, helping me pull this child earth side. Your talent has always blown me away but I see now that it’s your heart and soul and empathy that truly are your greatest assets."

-ian and sherlin

"Melanie is the photographer you want at your birth...From the moment I reached out to Melanie inquiring about her birth photog services to the final package landing on my doorstep filled with our beautiful pictures, it was a breeze working with her...Honestly, book her ASAP for your birth. You will be so happy you did."

- grant and alicia

"For anyone debating on whether or not to hire Melanie, DO IT! She is absolutely fantastic! She is patient and takes her time with everything! At our birth photo session she was more than considerate about taking into account what photographs I might want, and I am more than happy with the images I received."


investing in your memories

birth story


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How far in advance should I book?
I only take 3-4 births per month so it's best to reach out as soon as possible! Please know that last minute openings may also be available - so please don't hesitate to ask!

When do you arrive for a birth story?
I typically go to you when you're in active labor. For hospital births this usually means when you're at least 6cm dilated. For home births where you're usually not getting checked frequently, I go when contractions are regularly around 2-3 minutes apart. 

How long do you stay at a birth?
There is no time limit. I stay until baby is born and then I stay up to 2 hours post-partum.

What if I stall or have a really long labor?
I will be you until the end! I will definitely take a nap or run out to grab food if we deem it necessary and safe. 

What if I end up having a c-section?
I'm there to document your birth story. If a c-section becomes part of your birth story, I will document that. There are no guarantees the hospital staff/your OB will allow me into the operating room. It is your responsibility to advocate for yourself if you'd like me to head into the OR with you. If I'm not allowed in, I can send my camera in with your partner or a willing nurse and then I'll go back to shooting as soon as baby is in the nursery.

I'm having a scheduled c-section, can I hire you?
Of course! However, please check first with your OB if he/she will allow it and you may need to advocate for my presence in the operating room. There are no guarantees that anesthesia and hospital staff will allow me into the operating room either, but with your OB on your side things can be easier. It is still your responsibility to advocate for yourself in wanting me there. If I'm not allowed in, I can send my camera in with your partner or a willing nurse and then I'll go back to shooting as soon as baby is in the nursery. If you know in advance I am not going to be let in, you can always opt to have a Fresh 48 session instead and I can be there as soon as you're out of recovery to capture all those first moments with your baby in the hospital room.

What if you miss my birth? 
If for some some I miss your birth, I will still be there to document all those precious first moments with your baby. We can also arrange to have a fresh 48 session.

Can I make payments monthly? 
Yes! A lot of our clients choose to pay a little each month and that's no problem as long as the balance is paid by 38 weeks.

Do you offer any discounts?
Due to the on-call nature of birth photography, I cannot offer any discounts. I do offer birth story registries for my clients to help them pay for birth photography. 

 I like the idea of birth photography, but I do not want anything graphic.
That's no problem at all! We will discuss your preferences at your birth consultation or by completing my online questionnaire.

When do we get our images back?
A sneak peak will be available to you within 48 hours hours after your birth so that you can announce your birth to your friends and family. A full gallery can take up to 2 weeks to be delivered. 

Will you share my photos online?
My business is built on my portfolio. It's how you found me, and how other couples will find me. Because of this I’ll likely share my favorites on social media and my website, but I am always mindful of their private nature and make sure to never post graphic photographs without your consent. If you would prefer to have your session remain totally private, I 100% respect that choice.  

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