artist / photographer / professional baby snuggler

I'm Melanie!

I was once a city girl that was whisked away into small-town living. I grew up in Philly, then spent 10 years of my life in Maryland and now *hopefully* we will plant forever roots in Tampa! I absolutely love the beach and I've always dreamt of owning a beach home so now I'm one step closer!

Most days you can find me balancing between running my business and chasing after my little ones! My daily uniform consists of yoga pants and a messy bun! I'm obsessed with working out at F45 but counteract that with my love of chocolate and ice cream.  

As a mother myself, I understand just how much those first few years of motherhood are a blur. You're running off of caffeine, while time is just slipping away.   

My goal is to help you capture every one of your babe's milestones. From your journey through pregnancy to your babe's arrival earthside and throughout your little one's first year of life! .  
I am a firm believer in not only capturing every moment in life, but having those memories to share with others.  ​



melanie amparo

Manny and I started dating when we were 15 years old. He joined the Air Force at 19 and I was off at college. We got married at 22 and had our first kid at 25. 

I'm married to my
high school sweetheart


Image by Carol Nicole Moments

I'm a mama to a smart, free-spirited, and adventurous boy, Noah. Isabela, my rainbow baby, is my little hurricane. She's wild and fierce. Luca, is obsessed with his mama.  These babies are my motivation in all I do.

I'm a mama to three beautiful babies.


I got my Bachelor's in Kinesiology and then went back to get my Master's in Public Health. Turns out, I'd rather live my passion on a daily basis than be locked up in a corporate office. 

I have a degree, but it's not photography related!


Image by Jenna Reinke Photography

I live for rules and punctuality.
I thrive in organized and minimalist environments.
 And I can be extremely impatient.
Being a perfectionist has its positives and negatives but the one thing that I work so hard to overcome is not trying new things for the fear of failure. 

I'm a type-a


If you invite me out and I say "no", I'm seriously not being rude, I just hate social gatherings. I much rather hang out in the comfort of my own home with some good company and a few mojitos! 

I'm a introvert


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