Your Birth Story is Uniquely Yours | C-Section Awareness Month

Whether you have a vaginal delivery or a c-section, no journey into motherhood is an easy one. April is c-section awareness month and I’m taking the opportunity to honor all those mamas that have had or chose to have a c-section.

So often you hear people raving over having a natural birth or feeling some form of guilt for choosing to get an epidural but none of that matters. What matters most is the fact that you loved your baby enough to do what needed to be done and that you continue to care for your baby the best way you know how.

As a birth photographer, I get to witness the amazing strength and courage that mamas’ possess. From electing (or not) to have a c-section to preparing to then getting wheeled down the hall and into that operating room- none of it is easy. You sit there staring up at the millions of lights that light of the room, desperately waiting to hear your baby’s first cry. And if you’re lucky, you get a clear drape to actually witness your baby come earthside.

birth of baby via c-section at Tampa General Hospital
mom sees birth of child through clear drape during c-section in Tampa, Florida

So for those families who didn’t plan for a c-sections, it’s perfectly okay to feel sad, robbed, angry, scared, and/or disgusted. My hope is that you look back on your birth photos and see the strength and courage you had. And to use them as an opportunity to heal.

For those who elected to have a c-section, celebrate the beauty in your own birth story. Look back at your birth story and see the outpouring love from your support team. Celebrate the strength and birth of your babe.

dad supports mom during c-section at hospital in Annapolis, MD

Mamas, remember, your birth story is uniquely yours and beautiful no matter what. You are an inspiration to all of us.

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