Newborn Diaper Bag Essentials for Tampa Moms

When out and about in the Tampa Bay area, what you carry in your newborn’s diaper bag is oh-so important. Whether you’re a new mom or a seasoned mom, there will be plenty of times that you realize you forgot to pack something, and now you’re in tow with a naked little newborn or using wet paper towels to clean your babe’s bottom. Trust me, I’ve been there too!

In order to prepare for those high-maintenance babes, I created a list of some of the must-have newborn diaper bag essentials.

newborn diaper bag essentials by tampa newborn photographer
  • Diapers: Plan to pack a minimum of 1 diaper per hour that you plan to be out plus a few extras!
  • Wipes: Always make sure you have a pack of wipes. If you plan to use a smaller wipes travel case, always make sure it’s restocked before heading out. And then leave a pack of wipes in the car, because you can never have enough!
  • Changing pad: Literally transforms any surface into a changing table!
  • Change of clothes (to include socks!): Babies are unpredictable and you are almost guaranteed that your babe will have a blow-out at the most inconvenient time. I once took my son into my OB appointment wearing nothing but a diaper because I was already there and failed to have an extra change of clothes on hand. Oops.
  • Extra shirt for mom: You know, in case you leak through your shirt or your babe vomits on you. Oh and there’s always the possibility of having a blowout while you’re holding him/her. Save yourself.
  • Hand Sanitizer: You won’t always have access to a bathroom to change your babe’s diaper. So having some hand sanitizer on hand, is great for cleaning your hands afterward.
  • Disinfecting Wipes: Let’s face it, those changing tables in bathrooms are super duper gross, so I always wipe them down first. Then I lay my babe down to change on our reusable changing pad.
  • Wet Dry Bags (or plastic bags): Always have this on hand for those yucky blow-out clothing or the stuff that’s been vomited on.
  • Pacifier: If your babe is into pacifiers, always have at least 2 on hand!
  • Blanket: To act as a nursing cover, a burp cloth, or simply a spare for the one that got soiled already.
  • If you’re nursing, pack in some extra breast pads in case you leak through. You’ll also want to have a cover on hand for those public feedings. And nothing against you if you choose not to cover in public!
  • For formula-fed babies, have a few clean bottles and nipples. And DO NOT FORGET to pack the formula!

Here’s to hoping that my list of newborn diaper bag essentials keeps you prepared for your outings with that new babe of yours!


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