5 Tampa Midwives for Personalized OB Care

mom delivers baby in birth tub with a tampa midwife at birth center

Congratulations! You’ve landed here because you’re expecting and looking to work with a Tampa midwife! A midwife is a trained healthcare professional who cares for and supports expectant mothers from prenatal visits to the birth of their babe. They can be used to support you whether you’re having a hospital birth, home birth, or birth center birth. Midwife care tends to involve less medical intervention. I’ve compiled a list of some local trusted midwives.

Tampa Midwives

Tampa Bay Midwives

Tampa Bay Midwives was created after Michelle left her position as the clinical director at a local birth center. She believes that women deserve to be educated about their choices during pregnancy, labor and delivery. Pregnancy is a joyous journey and as women, we deserve to make evidence-based decisions in our care. Tampa Bay Midwives will either support you at home or support you in the hospital. All services are self-pay. Reach out today to schedule your free initial consultation.

Barefoot Birth

Barefoot Birth provides home birth midwifery services for birthing families in Hillsborough, Pinellas, and some parts of Pasco and Polk Counties. They believe that birth is a normal process that typically happens without the need for intervention. Their care is based on transparency, open communication, and respect for your birth wishes. Their services include all prenatal care, routine lab work, water birth tub rental, childbirth education, breastfeeding support, and postpartum care. They do not accept insurance but can help you submit for reimbursement. The investment in your home birth is $6500-$7500 and is all-inclusive.

Mama Centered Midwife

Mama Centered Midwife is owned by Michelle Gallagher who is a licensed home birth midwife in the greater Tampa Bay Area. She believes that giving birth with little to no intervention is a rite of passage that leaves women feeling empowered. Michelle is not contracted with insurance companies. The investment for services is $7,000.  This fee for comprehensive midwifery care includes all prenatal visits, routine lab work, one ultrasound, complete labor, delivery and postpartum care, water birth tub use, and all medical supplies needed.

Mary Catherine Hamelin

Mary Catherine Hamelin is a licensed home birth midwife serving Greater Tampa, Seminole Heights, Temple Terrace, Brandon, Riverview, Apollo Beach, Fishhawk, Valrico, Plant City, St. Petersburg, Largo, Clearwater, and surrounding areas within a 45-minute radius. Her mission is to provide holistic community birth care for families that:

  • Roots in research of traditions, trends, and evidence

  • Reconnects us to our nature and each other

  • Refreshes our commitment to health & vitality

The fee for complete prenatal, homebirth, and postpartum care is $7000.

Thrive Midwifery Services

Rowan and Sydney are licensed midwives serving the Tampa Bay area. Thrive offers home birth services, including water births. They are trained in obstetrical emergencies and bring everything a hospital room has to your home.

UMA Midwifery & Holistic Services

UMA Midwifery is a practice located in St. Pete. Their goal is to eliminate racial and class disparities in perinatal health and improve birth outcomes for all. They do this by providing safe, quality, and loving care throughout your pregnancy and postpartum journey.

I highly recommend reaching out to multiple Tampa midwives and finding the one that will fit well with your birth plan! This is such a monumental moment in your life and your wishes matter.

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