Sydney’s Birth Story

newborn suck thumb in Annapolis, MD

On Thursday, April 18th, I had just arrived at the supermarket. As I’m loading my cart with fresh produce I feel my phone vibrating. It was 8:40 pm.  I look down to see Amy’s phone number and immediately knew it was time. I run out of the supermarket and rush home to get my camera. I’m flying because she’s already 7cm. I finally arrive at the birthing center at 9:30 pm. Mama was an absolute rockstar! She was in her birthing pool managing to squeeze out laughter and conversations in between each contraction. By 10pm her midwife came in to check on her and she was already crowning! With only 5 minutes of pushing, baby Sydney came into the world at 10:10 pm. Mama grabbed her new little one and love and joy poured over mama and daddy as they tried to get their little one to speak.

Thanks for inviting me to be a part of such a special moment in your lives! I was completely honored to document your birth story.

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