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annapolis area doula helps new mom adjust to life with an infant.

While pregnant you take birth classes, read books, and google everything possible to prepare yourself for labor. Then you give birth to this beautiful little baby, but now what? Babies don’t come with a manual. Instead, you are bombarded with the opinions of friends and family on what they think is the best way to raise your baby.

I had the opportunity to chat with Nani, from Annapolis Area Doulas, and her client to get a better understanding of the different services a postpartum doula provides.

After analyzing Nani’s time with her client, here are the top 5 reasons why I believe you should hire one!

Provides professional support

Let’s face it, going from living life on your own terms to a demanding infant is not easy. You’re sleep-deprived, the laundry is piling up, you can’t remember the last time you ate something, and socializing is the last thing on your mind.

Postpartum Doulas are there to support you while you bond with your baby, rest, and transition with ease. So, while mom is getting a nap or spending one-on-one time with an older child, you can depend on your doula to care for your infant without worrying.

Postpartum doula cares for twins in Annapolis, MD

Teach you how to survive.

Raising a baby is hard. And then add on the pressure you feel of having to have your crap together. You know, getting the perfect latch, increasing milk supply, formula feeding, bottle feeding, nipple confusion, sleep training, etc. It’s hard.

Postpartum doulas are there to help you survive. You have twins? It’s perfectly fine if one prefers a bottle over a nipple. Do what you can to just survive. What good is it if you are losing your mind?! You suffer and your babe suffers too. So instead of doing things “by the book” they’ll be there to help you find manageable ways to survive parenthood.

postpartum doula helps new mom with twins in Annapolis, MD

More than your average babysitter.

Whether you’re dying to get back to the gym or just need an hour of alone time, trusting a postpartum doula with your infant is never an issue.

They offer superior service, skills, and knowledge to give you the confidence to do the things you love without the mom guilt.

You know that your babe is getting the care, attention, and love all while abiding by your wishes.

annapolis area postpartum doula helps new mom with twins in Annapolis, MD

Be a resource for you.

Of course, you can write down a list of questions for your provider but having a postpartum doula at your fingertips to answer all your questions is even better.

Your baby hasn’t pooped in two days. Your baby keeps spitting up after each meal. Your baby yells his head off each time you try to change his diaper. Your baby wakes up each time you try to put him down. You’re concerned your baby isn’t eating enough.

Postpartum doulas can help answer your questions, offer advice, and provide you with different tips and tricks. And when they can’t or if something is outside of their scope, they can connect you with local trusted professionals.

postpartum doula assists new mom with bathing her infant.

Mediator between you and family.

Talking to your family about your wishes can be difficult because let’s face they think they know it all. You know, that common phrases, “well back in the day we did it this way” or “that’s how I did it with you and you turned out just fine.” It’s hard to communicate your wishes and a postpartum doula is there to show your family the ropes.

Postpartum doulas help communicate your wishes with family and teach them how to care for your infant. They provide a standard of care for everyone to follow.

new baby smiles at Annapolis Area Doula during a visit.

Did I convince you to hire one? Contact Annapolis Area Doulas to find the right postpartum doula for you!

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