Hypnobirthing: creating a harmonious birth space.

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Meet Bailie. She’s a labor doula and HypnoBirthing instructor over at Annapolis Area Doulas.

She aims to help women feel that same sense of validation, empowerment and confidence as they plan for their labor, birth and postpartum experiences. She brings a unique combination of compassion, calm energy and dedication to each of her clients and is devoted to helping each woman have their best birthing experience. 

She’s passionate about HypnoBirthing, which is a comprehensive birthing and education method that pairs a variety of techniques including deep relaxation, breathing exercises and hypnosis to help families achieve joyful, calm and peaceful births.

I’m sharing a bit about HypnoBirthing and what you can expect in an interview with Bailie.

What will parents learn in a HypnoBirthing class series?

Parents will first and foremost learn that birth is a natural, instinctive event that they can enter into confidently feeling empowered and calm. The classes include not only comprehensive childbirth education on the physiological process of birth, but also pull from eight different techniques for releasing and relaxing into birth and achieving your ideal birth.

annapolis area doulas teach hypnobirthing class in Annapolis, MD

What are some of the benefits of the HypnoBirthing method?

The biggest benefit to HypnoBirthing is helping families achieve a peaceful and empowering birth that they have envisioned. Families will use several scripts and tracks to utilize self-hypnosis to fully and completely relax through the entire labor and birth as well as different breathing techniques to use at various points. Additional techniques also highlight how to physically prepare. With a short guide of simple, daily practices to use before birth, we know that families who choose the course will walk away feeling confident and at peace as their birth approaches.

What is one thing that makes HypnoBirthing unique from other childbirth classes?

HypnoBirthing focuses on the instinctive nature of birth. You are capable of a beautiful, peaceful and empowered birth because you were designed to birth.

What is your favorite thing about teaching HypnoBirthing?

I love demystifying the birth process and helping families strip away fears and doubts that they may bring to labor and birth. It is amazing to watch families walk out of class feeling excited and confident as their birth time approaches. 

Tell us about your training, your certification and your experience; how long have you been teaching it?

I am a certified HypnoBirthing instructor through the HypnoBirthing Institute. I am consistently working on continuing education to maintain my certification and become a better educator.  I am also a Labor Doula and have the privilege of getting to educate families as well as support them through their birth. I have been teaching classes for close to a year now. I enjoy it more each session! 

And why do you teach this?

I love working with families during this pivotal part of life and helping people discover their own confidence and empowerment. Birth and the journey to it are an incredible time. I am grateful for each of the families I get to interact with, educate and nurture.

What would you say to anyone wondering whether to embark on a HypnoBirthing class?

Go for it! You will not regret the decision. Regardless of your current birth goals, you will learn and take away something from the classes and it will help you achieve a more peaceful and joyous birth.

What advice do you have for mom preparing for the birth of their baby?

My advice for a mom preparing for the birth of their baby would be to become educated on the natural, physiological birth process. In addition, learning about how being relaxed and releasing tension can play in labor and birth. Most of all, I would encourage a mom to follow her instincts. She knows her body and her baby better than anyone! 

Does insurance cover this class? If not, what’s your price range? Do you offer payment plans?

Insurance does sometimes cover the cost of classes. It never hurts to give your insurance company a call and inquire about their policies. You can also sometimes use an HSA to pay for the class. We charge $375 for the series and payment plans can be discussed.

mom preparing for her birth in a hypnobirthing class in Annapolis, MD

Interested in signing up for the next HypnoBirthing Series? Head on over to Annapolis Area Doulas to register!

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