January 13, 2020

Newborn Photography: choosing the style that’s right for you | Tampa, FL Newborn Photographer

With the overabundance of photographers, choosing the perfect newborn photographer may be a daunting task. I’m sharing the three different types of newborn sessions as well as a few of my favorite locals to help you choose the style that best suits your needs!

Fresh 48

Fresh 48 sessions are newborn sessions that take place within 48 hours of birth. These sessions are usually done in the hospital or birth center and capture all the newness of your babe. From day one to day seven your babe will look so different. These sessions allow you to freeze time and capture those fresh wrinkles, sharp fingernails, and flaky skin. This is the perfect opportunity to document some cuddles with daddy, tender moments with mama, and even siblings meeting for the first time! Sessions are short and sweet, usually under 1.5 hours.

fresh 48 newborn session in hospital in Wesley Chapel, Florida by Melanie Amparo Photography


Lifestyle newborn sessions are a documentary-styled approach that does not place emphasis on getting the perfect image. Emphasis is placed on your interaction with your new babe and family as a whole. These take place in the comfort of your own home and are typically done on the couch, in a bedroom, or in the baby’s nursery! This is the perfect opportunity to document those snuggles, feeding, and/or first bath. These sessions are laid back and can be done at any point in time during your baby’s new life. Sessions are typically anywhere from 1- 1.5 hours.

lifestyle newborn session in Annapolis, MD by Sarah Elizabeth Photography
Images by Sarah Elizabeth Photography


Posed newborn sessions are perfectly styled and coordinated sessions that usually occur when your baby is between 6-14 days old and can take anywhere from 2-4 hours. Your babe dictates the flow of the session, but time is allotted to get your babe to sleep and for feedings and changings. Sessions begin with family posing and then the rest of the time is dedicated to focusing on your baby. I start with a mixture of props- buckets, beds, crates, and bowls- and then move into some backdrop table posing. And then I like to end my sessions with those sweet baby mugshots that showcase your babe’s current mood and personality.

newborn photography in new tampa, florida by melanie amparo photography

Here are a couple of my favorite local newborn photographers:
Winnie BruceOffering Fresh 48, lifestyle and posed newborn sessions
Sarah RomeroOffering Fresh 48, and lifestyle newborn sessions

Before deciding on the photographer you should hire, make sure you look through their portfolio. It’s so important that the type of photographer and editing style align with you and your personality.

tampa baby photographer takes pictures of baby's newborn details

Want more information on booking your newborn session with me? Head on over to fill out a contact form or send me an email at melanie@melaniemelanieamparo.com. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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